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Description de projet

Angels Racing Team is 4 women, Evelyne, Ellen, Elke and Laurie, who want to live their 1st race together and build a team for all women who want to DARE! Help them to succeed!

Porteur de projet

Not 100% girly but 100% women! Between 38 and 50 years old, we want to experience motorsport: the C1 Racing Cup! We will race with the colors of Think-Pink.

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Zandvoort, our 1st experience! But not the last! Go for the 24hC1 Spa Francorchamps ? 08/06/2021

We did it! Our 1st objective was early and we didn't want to give it up while we waited ... So it's done! Ellen, Laurie and Eve lived their 1st race together and handled it extremely well! Wow! So help them move on and take Elke (medically absent) to the next one! 24hC1 in Spa in October if they are ready or the 2x6h at Croix en Ternois in November! Nice no !? Our project with Think Pink is also approaching! In August, we could organize our 1st event with them and embark the "Victorious" in our race car thanks to the "Share your Care" action! Are you helping us? The more contributions we have, the more women we will be able to make the most of and live an incredible adventure to support them!

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